Dream of magic spell

The dream of magic spell was frightening.

This was what happened when a female dreamer dreamed she was forced to enter a game, which had a pact with a Dark Force. One night, a woman dreamed her foe made a pact/ magic spell, with a Dark Force. The foe challenged her to a game of endurance. She woke up from her sleep when she heard voices. She was awake and yet she could hear voices coming from nowhere. She was alone in her bedroom. She could not be dreaming?

The foe wanted her to stay up from 2 am, until sunrise. If she fell asleep, or got up from her prone position in her bed, it would mean this woman had lost her part of the bargain. The forfeit was severe … the woman’s life would be taken. To ensure this game of gamble was not totally biased on one side, the foe agreed to sacrifice her own life, if the allocated time of 2 am to sunrise ran out. The foe agreed to die by the hand and mechanism of the Dark Force, if the woman won.

It started when the foe came to the woman. Her voice was in the air. “Wake up. I challenge you to a game. You must stay awake until sunrise. Or everything you own will be mine … including your life.”

The woman was scared. She didn’t want to gamble away everything. But there was no escape. Her foe was before her. In her bedroom. How was she to run away? Where could she go? If she lost her material possessions, she would surely die. Without food, water and a roof over her head, she would die a slow and tortuous death.

She sat up in bed. She grabbed her rosary by her bedside table, and started to pray. She recited her Hail Marys rapidly. As fast as running along with her stressful thoughts.

As soon as she finished one rosary, she continued with another.

The hours passed. When was it going to be daybreak? She could only stop at daybreak because the challenges would end at the crack of dawn. Then she could walk to the bathroom.

Her foe’s companion spoke to the challenger. “Your candle is burning down. You have too stop the challenge.”

“No,: said the foe. “I’m going to win. She can not outlast my candle.”

“You’ll die when your candle runs down.” said the male companion.

“I’m willing to bet on winning.”

“No. I’m blowing out your candle and ending this challenge. You shall not die.”


There was silence for a long time. The woman thought the challenge ended. She thought it was safe for her to leave her bed and walk to the bathroom.

“Hahahaha! We have tricked her by pretending to blow out the candle. It is still burning. The woman gave up by leaving the challenge illegally. She has lost technically. Now you own everything she has.”

The woman dreamer was afraid. She could not bear to lose all her worldly possessions. She looked out of her bedroom window. The first rays of sunlight were streaming in. No, she thought. Its daybreak. Her challenge does not stand.

Maybe it was all a dream. She dreamed of the challenge. She dreamed of being awake and responding to defend herself. Now she was really awake and wondering what to make out of the dream.

Air stewardess sleeps and dreams in her pod on board airplane.

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