Dream of getting married then divorced & becoming a single parent

If you’re single and desire to get married, you might dream of getting married then divorced and becoming a single parent. This is one way of your brain telling you that all may not be as rosy as it looks, for those who desire marriage. A marriage may fail and you can’t throw out the baby with the bath water. This type of dream is a warning to those who have been contemplating marriage and raising children.

The meaning of this dream depends on your personal context.

To dream of divorce, when it is happening to you in real life, shows how the stress in your waking life, is affecting your sleep life too.

To dream of divorce when you are not expecting to divorce from your spouse, means there were hints that this could happen. Your conscious and unconscious brain has received raw data and information that your relationship with your spouse is not all right. If you want to save your marriage, you might want to reflect on what can be done to salvage the situation. You need to talk with your spouse. Be open to the idea of consulting a marriage counselor/ therapist.

To dream of a divorce when you had an inkling of that direction, means you were affected enough to have your subconscious continue this stream of thought, even in your sleep. You might desire to seriously plan out the steps to execute this idea.

f you dream that someone else is going through a divorce, ask yourself if that is true. If you know that couple is undergoing a divorce, your dream was merely repeating what you already know. This could have been a reminder of the actual context.

If you dream that a couple in your circle of acquaintance is going through divorce, and this has never been revealed, your dream can be a message. This type of dream could have been triggered by your intuition, based on your reception of information, experience, cultural contextual reference and interpretation of the sum total of all.

Dreaming of divorce or breakup.

Meaning of dreaming of divorce –
If you’re married currently, and dream of divorcing your spouse, it means in waking life, your marriage is strong. The dream symbol of divorce has the opposite meaning in waking life.

If you’re presently unmarried and yet dream of facing divorce, it means you’ll face a change or break up in your relationship. The dream symbol of divorce for unmarried people may also mean you’ll see a change in career path.

Have you ever dreamed of divorce? Does this analysis relate to your experience after having your dream?

f you dream of getting divorce, and you’re married, it can mean several possibilities.

  1. Your relationship with your spouse has suffered strains.
  2. You have considered divorce as an option to resolve a difficult relationship.
  3. This dream reminds you to do something to either save your marriage, or break away from it.
  4. The symbol of divorce can also refer to other aspects like separation from a project, issue, entity or anything. The metaphor of divorce can relate to distancing from a tangible or intangible concept.

The dream interpretation that suits your dream, depends on your present situation in life. What is your context in life? What are you experiencing now?

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