Dream of coronavirus

If you dream of coronavirus, don’t be afraid. This is a current topic in all the media of the world. Everyone literate has read about this zoonotic disease (that was transmitted from animal to human).

You are likely to read daily about present events surrounding the coronavirus, and this is a trigger for dreaming about it. This theme which occupied your mind during your day, would be present in the themes that occupy your brain during the night. This is the likely reason for dreaming about the coronavirus, or any other theme.

Dreaming about the coronavirus does NOT mean you might catch the infection. You need other conclusive evidence like symptoms and testimony from a medical doctor, to back up your suspicion.

Presently, what is known about the coronavirus says that it is not a community virus, meaning it does not spread contagiously from human to human, without definite presence of the virus. It may spread when a patient who has symptoms or not showing symptoms, spreads the virus through airborne particles, contact or body fluids.

Any germs, bacteria or virus can gain entry into a body, via the respiratory system, natural body openings, cuts/ wounds, and under cuticles (nails). The eye’s tear ducts is a passage way into the body and is susceptible, just like other body openings.

Some people believe wildlife are able to cure chronic illnesses like asthma and etc., when consumed. Wild animals contain natural components and parasites which co-habitat in a balanced manner. This homeostasis may help the animal live in the wild. However, humans who seek relief for medical problems should not consume wild animals. The risks of getting infection far outweigh alleged benefits. There are synthetic and manufactured compounds which have been tested to fight illnesses like asthma and other diseases. The medical doctor is able to prescribe medications to manage illnesses and physiological complaints.

If you are unwell, please consult a medical doctor for a diagnosis.

This post is not a scientific article. Please check with your doctor.

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