Dream of combing hair

If you dream of combing hair or dream of brushing air, it means good news. Hair, being abundant, signifies plentiful of something. In dream symbols, a symbol which is abundant in nature, means wealth and fortune.

What’s the meaning of dreaming of combing your hair? This is a mundane, daily chore which has to be done a few times a day. Dreaming of combing hair means you are tidying up messy hair. Your dream may be hinting to you the need to organise your waking life.

If you were dreaming of combing your hair, it means you are grooming yourself to prepare to look presentable or good. You are getting prepped for an important event. Such importance is usually good news or brings good outcomes.

Flow chart dream interpretation of combing hair
Meaning of dream of combing hair
Meaning of braiding / pleating hair
Flow chart dream meaning of braiding or pleating hair
Dream of comb hair
Comb my hair!

Dream imagery of combing hair is an allegory to sorting out complications in our present state. Problems mar our self-image, as well as the image we present to the world. Sorting out problems helps us maintain confidence in ourselves.

Dreaming of the comb can also mean a musical instrument. Flipping through the teeth of a comb produces sound. The comb’s teeth looks like the strings of a harp. Dream imagery of a comb can mean a musical instrument.

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