MY DREAM JOURNAL: A girl lives her life from day to dream to day to dream.

I start off my dream journal as a 14 year old girl. My past 13 years has been a blur because I didn’t record my dreams in a journal and have forgotten them. There are entries only for the days that I experienced dreams.

December 13 2014
My dream – My parents and I were on holiday, in Europe! We were somewhere in Europe although I couldn’t tell the exact location.

Context of my reality in waking life I have finished my school year in Class 8. I’m having my school holidays. I wish I could go away overseas on vacation. However, my parents said our finances are tight. We had sufficient money for fundamentals and zero money left for savings. How could we risk squandering money on overseas vacations?

Reality that happened – Did my dream come true? Was my dream a continuation of my reality? No. The only continuation of waking hour reality was that I became aware my desired dream was to go traveling. So my dream continued my waking life desire to travel to see the world. My wish wasn’t fulfilled because we lacked money. We had our usual stay-cation in the comfort of our home.

December 16 2014
My dream – I went traveling with my parents again! There was a small boy with us. We were sharing our rice with him.

Context – I resigned myself to staying home for the rest of this vacation. There wasn’t much time left anyway – just two weeks.

Waking life reality – Nothing like an overseas vacation was happening.

December 17 2014
My dream – I saw imagery of us preparing ourselves to go out. We were dressed in our outdoor clothes. Then I woke up.

Context – Since my brain knows there was no possibility of us traveling overseas, it has adapted and accepted this limitation. My brain no longer created dreams about traveling overseas on vacation. The compromise was to go out about town.

My waking life reality – We went out shopping for groceries, clothes and essentials. We still enjoyed ourselves despite not living up to my dreams of traveling overseas.

December 18 2014
Dream – I saw a pair of boots. It was for heavy duty wear in cold weather. I saw myself riding in a taxi. It was a good ride.

Context of my waking reality that created this dream – I had no idea why I would buy or own a pair of boots. My brain had already accepted I would not be traveling overseas this year.

Waking life reality – Life carried on as usual.

December 19 2014
Dream – I saw my Dad standing at the window, trying to close it.

Context of waking reality – Dad was busy in his own little world. He had no time, energy, or presence of mind to do anything to contribute to our family.

Waking life reality – This dream was telling me to be helpful to do things around the home.

December 20 2014
Dream – I saw my family being busy with everyday chores and personal responsibilities.

Context of dream – My brain wanted to tell me there was plenty of work to do in personal tasks, household chores, and other responsibilities.

Waking life reality – I had around 12 days left to prepare for the new year 2015. I have a list of things to do, books to read, and social media to catch up with.

December 21 2014
My dream – My family and I were very busy. A whirl of activity blurred the images and I couldn’t discern exactly what was being done.

Context of my dream – Christmas was approaching. I had to prepare for this. I was also going back to school after the X’mas break.

Waking life – Yes, this dream continued the present situation in my waking life.

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