Dream interpretation supermarket without noodles

One night, I dreamed I was at my local supermarket. I was looking at the shelves on dry goods. To my surprise, the noodles shelves were empty. There were no noodles to buy. All noodles were sold out. The crowd pleaser, which is Maggie noodles, was sold out. All the local, familiar flavors were snapped up. The neighboring shelves carried foreign made noodles from neighboring countries. The flavors were very spicy, or sour, or a mix of spice and sour. Nobody wanted to buy these brands. Besides, they cost double the price of the local brands. I was disappointed. I searched for my regular, habituated staple of Maggie noodles. There were none.

What is the meaning of this dream about a supermarket without noodles ?

Shoppers snapped up all the noodles because they were desperate to buy. They were afraid to lose out when the shelves became empty. I was one of the slower shoppers who saw empty shelves. It did not matter that there was no cause to buy and stock up one’s own pantry. The issue was to buy and hoard before the chance to buy was removed.

Dream interpretation of eating alone.

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