Dream interpretation sitting beside someone

If you dream you were sitting beside someone, what does this dream mean?

There are many interpretations of dreaming of sitting beside someone. Even in waking life, you may see or feel that you are being watched, or tailed by someone following you.

If you see or know that you’re sitting beside someone, its dream interpretation is that you have company. In your waking life, you might be going through a crisis and your inner conscious sent you this dream, to tell you that you’re sitting beside someone and not alone. This is your personal feeling of security, comfort and confidence.

If you are a female, you may think that someone next to you is a male. This is because you desire protection, security and comfort that the traditional male could offer

If you’re a female and prefer the company of your same gender, then in times of challenges, you would seek out another female for assistance.

Similar types of arguments would apply for males who prefer the company of other males.

Your dreams reflect your desires, habits, present situation in life, and memories. Whatever you dream about can be a mix of all these factors.


Besides in the dreamworld, the waking world also has manifestations of someone around you. Sometimes, the someone sitting beside you, or standing next to you, is your guardian angel.

Some religions teach that every human who prays, has a guardian angel who is ever present with them. This angel accompanies them everywhere they go; even in the bathroom. The angel assists their charge. The extent to which they can help depends on the status of the human being. If this person is very pious to God, their angel’s power is also improved. This means the angel is empowered to perform better levels of help. For instance, a pious person has a more powerful angel than another type of person who is lax in prayers.


One of the earliest psychologists, Carl Jung, wrote about his theories of human beings having a Shadow. This aspect is the worst case composite of the self. Every person has their worst traits which they are unaware of. But other people familiar with them see the Mr. Hyde side of their personality. We usually want to hide our ugly self, but this masking is harmful as it will consume us eventually one day. We can instead harness our good self to confront our bad self.

Every personality has two sides. One side is the face we project to the world. The other side is the face we hide from the world. We need to learn to show the ugly side, by using our good side.

The side we show to society is our dominant side. We may feel our other side waiting in the wings, for the chance to get some attention. Our other side is the side we feel sitting beside us.

Pie chart of meanings of dreaming of sitting beside someone:

Pie chart of meanings of dreaming of sitting beside someone
Dream interpretations of sitting beside someone