Dream interpretation shipwrecked

If you dream of being shipwrecked and landing in a deserted spot, it means you desire some quiet time to yourself. You may have been very busy and your body, mind and soul were tired. Your unconscious mind has considered the idea of going to a secluded location, to simmer down. This is the explanation for dreaming of being stuck in a place, like being shipwrecked.

In practical life, this dream can mean you need to take some time off from your regular schedule.You should think about the possibilities of taking a vacation. Even a stay cation, is good. If this is not possible, then you might consider setting time aside during your day, to retreat into your private sanctuary. You can use this time to relax, meditate, read a chapter of a book, do some rhythmic work like art/ needle craft or etc.  Quiet time alone, or doing something relaxing, can satisfy your dream’s desire to retreat into a safe place.

Be mindful of beautiful space. Island resort with dock and boats.

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