Dream interpretation people slipping on banana peels

If you dream people slipping on banana peels, its dream interpretation is that you might see people making mistakes and suffering for that. Life has temptations which makes the walking journey slippery. People who fall for temptations have made mis-steps. Generally this dream is a warning reminder, to pay attention to your focus and path.

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Dreaming of bananas, erotic banana, phallus object dream interpretation

Dreaming of Banana
One day, I dreamed of feeling a bad stomach ache, because I ate a couple of bananas. The feeling was so uncomfortable that I woke up.

I tried to remember what happened the day before, that might have triggered this dream. I recalled having eaten bananas for dinner, because I wanted a quick snack before bed. I swallowed my fruit too quickly and felt a lump in the back of my throat. I reached for a glass of water and gulped down a few mouthfuls. I felt only slightly better. So I proceeded to drink more water, until I could feel some normalcy in my throat.

The internal discomfort triggered this dream, to inform me that I need to do something to remove the irritation.

In my household, the banana fruit used to be a favorite. There can never be too many bananas. Then one day, excessive consumption of bananas over two months brought side effects. The extreme internal “cooling” of banana’s naturally found fruit acid, may cause some reaction in people with weakness. A banana contains a total of four acids and they are malic, oxalic, citric, and tartaric acid. It has a small amount of potassium but its safe to consume bananas daily. It would take around 400 bananas a day, to stop a human heart from beating with the amount of concentrated potassium that accumulates from over-consumption of bananas. Nobody can stomach 400 bananas a day so the scenario of dying from banana overdose, is a far fetched one.

Interpretation Bananas Dream
My dream of the banana fruit was probably triggered by the incident the night before. I don’t think there is any other latent meaning attached to this dream.

Erotic Banana Dreaming – Alternate meaning of dreaming of banana as a phallic symbol
Any object that is shaped like a phallus can be interpreted as holding sexual meaning in a dream. Human beings have primary needs like physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization. Men and women will dream of sexual love because of their secret desires for love, self esteem and being at one’s best (self actualization).

If you have an intimate partner and dream of the banana as a phallus, then it could mean you desire sexual love.

If you don’t have a special partner who you love, but dream of the banana as a phallic object, then your desire triggered this dream. Your unconscious sends a message using this dream. It wants to tell you to engage in activities that will find a suitable partner to satisfy your desire.

Another dream meaning of banana is its association to sensitivity.

The fruit is sensitive to touch and pressure. If you have a boyfriend, husband or males around you, then one of the possible dream interpretations maybe concerning the males around you. You may have encountered male sensitivity to certain issues and you might have brushed it off. However, your intuition and unconsciousness had worked on extracting meaning to your experiences. Thus, dreams maybe triggered. 

Besides sexuality and sensuality, the banana can also denote fertility.  

Dreaming of peeling a banana, banana dream.

Peel banana dream
Sometimes, when a sleeper is hungry, they dream of eating food. The hunger pangs are the stimuli which send signals to the brain. What is the quickest, delicious food that can be eaten without preparation? The banana can be the perfect answer to hunger.

Erotic dreaming peeling banana
If the dreamer had sexual fantasies of erotic dreaming, then the imagery of peeling banana can be interpreted as a dramatization of their secret desire.

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Dream interpretation slipping on banana peel
Meaning of dream of slipping on banana peel

The aroma of freshly baked banana bread might stimulate dreams. To dream of baking banana bread means you love this variety of bread, you have good memories associated with banana bread, you desire to bake banana bread, or you have other outstanding associations with banana bread.

Dreaming of the second banana:

What is the meaning of the second banana? John Huey coined this term in 1991. He was a writer for Fortune magazine. Huey described the second banana as executives who sacrificed CEO jobs, to work as second fiddle to the CEO of big companies. The second banana worked like the CEO’s shadow, and never aspiring to take over the top job. The second banana often has different opinions and management styles. The CEO and his second in command often spar to create a balance in their partnership managing the company.

Warren Buffet’s second banana was Charlie Munger. The vice-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway died at the age of 99, on November 28, 2023.