Dream interpretation people eating sandwiches

If you dream of sandwiches and there’re people eating sandwiches, its dream interpretation is not grand.

Its because sandwiches are a convenient food and circumstances are not very good when people have to eat them. Sandwiches could be a portable lunch or snack, when a complete meal is unavailable. Sandwiches are not usually a meal for the rich, who can well afford better quality food. This means the dreamer, or the person seen in the dream (who is eating those sandwiches) is not financially sound, or has been forced to work and exist under bad conditions.

If you work in a kitchen that makes sandwiches on a daily basis, then your dream merely repeats the theme you see everyday. In this circumstance, your dream does not hold significant meaning.

If you don’t do work that involves sandwiches, then your dream could have some bearing on your circumstances. You could be in a tight position, like being squeezed between two wedges. You could be under constraints and you’re feeling the pressure.