Dream interpretation of strangers asking directions to toilets

One night, a university student had a strange dream of strangers asking directions to toilets. This female student was on her campus, when she was approached by a female stranger, who then asked directions to the nearest female toilet. The student told the newcomer where to walk to reach the nearest female bathroom.

Dream interpretation on a dream about toilet:

The toilet is a common dream symbol. It stands for privacy, respect, dignity and human need. To dream of someone searching for a toilet can mean there is a requirement for human need, and respect to maintain the dignity of the individual.

Common dream theme is being unable to find useable toilet.

Pie chart shows different dream interpretations for dream on toilet/ bathroom:

dream interpretations for dream on toilet/ bathroom
Meanings of dreams on toilets/ bathrooms

Dream interpretations of imagery of stranger:

Dream interpretations of imagery of stranger
Interpret dreams of strangers

Why would strangers ask to use your bathroom/ toilet lavatory?

Have you ever met a stranger who knocked on your door and asked to use your toilet?

Yes, I had that experience. This is not a dream. One day, my real estate agent visited me with his viewers, a mother and son pair. He said the elderly woman needed to use a toilet. Could she come in and make use of my toilet? It would be rude to say no.

There were public toilets a mere 5 minutes away, at the nearest mall.

I think the woman was afraid she may require the assistance of her son, should she prove too weak to get up from the toilet seat. The son would not be allowed into the women’s restroom, should he be required to provide assistance to his mother. I was told she was suffering from a bout of diarrhoea.

Public toilets which are usually free to use, often lack toilet paper inside the lavatory stalls. Liquid soap for handwashing often runs out, no matter what the time of day you use the toilet. Evidently, liquid soap can never be refilled fast enough.

Believe it or not, there is the “Toilet Police”. They enforce a law to compel every lavatory user to flush the toilet after each use. Anyone who uses and exits from a toilet stall without flushing, can be issued a fine of up to SGD$1000. Usually, a first time offender is fined $150.

Other common courtesy etiquettes to maintain hygiene and cleanliness of each lavatory stall are:

  1. Please flush the toilet after throwing a wad of toilet paper into the toilet bowl.
  2. Keep the toilet seat dry.
  3. Don’t stand on the toilet seat to squat down. Look for the Asian style of squatting toilet if you prefer that amenity.
  4. Keep the toilet floor dry.

Public toilet operators are tasked with providing adequate amenities like handsoap, toilet paper, hand dryer, paper towels and litter bins. Otherwise, they can be fined.

World Toilet Day is celebrated on November 19 yearly. Educate yourself at https://www.worldtoiletday.info/learn .

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