Dream interpretation no food

In this dream imagery, I had no food in my house. There was a crisis outside. Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) was raging in the country and this city was in shutdown. Many people were issued quarantine orders and forbidden to travel outside of their homes. I was under the impression I wasn’t allowed to go outdoors to shop for groceries.

If you dreamed you were starving, this dream interpretation of having no food can mean:

  1. A period of physical, mental, emotional and psychological hardship as you battle facing no food.
  2. Dream imagery of no food can mean no nourishment in terms of mental stimulation, emotional needs, or other requirements besides physical food.
  3. This dream can mean you lack fundamental resources, from which food is obtained. For instance, you may lack money to purchase food. Or you may lack the transport and means to go out to buy food.

This dream interpretation can mean a threat where future events are predicted as such. This dream can be a reminder to make plans and take action, to prevent the dire situation in dream imagery, into becoming reality. We can prepare to handle and prevent a future crisis, by stocking up on food. Then we should not be running out of food.

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