Dream interpretation mind

How can you dream of your own mind? If that is possible, then what is the dream interpretation of mind? Clearly, when the mind features as a dream symbol, the mental state of the dreamer takes center stage. Pay attention to your mind in your daily activities. How do we attune ourselves to our mind? By practicing mindfulness.

Steps to practice mindfulness:

  1. Sit in a quiet place.
  2. Listen to sounds in your external environment.
  3. Listen to sounds in your body. Listen to your breathing, your stomach growling etc.
  4. What are your thoughts? Give them due attention and respect. Do not grow upset at thoughts but let them go.
  5. Think of your present moment. Listen to your present moment. Do not get upset by ruminating on your thoughts, to reduce negative energy. This reduces the “monkey chatter” in your mind. This stream of monologue will slow down and you will feel peace.
  6. Think of peace. Feel the calm of peace. You will not be upset with mental anxiety, stress, sadness, worries about solving problems and other negativity.

If you dream of your mind talking to you by giving you thoughts, practice mindfulness daily in your waking moments. You will think better, feel better and experience peace.

Prompt – mind.

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