Dream interpretation jewelry/ jewellery

Dream of jewelry/ dream of jewellery (these two spellings are used interchangeably because they mean the same thing) means you are dressing yourself up. Maybe you intend to attend an important function and you desire to look your best.

You may desire to dress up to boost your self esteem, or gain acceptance from people who will be seeing you. You want to send the message that you are worthy and important enough to court their respect.

You maybe wearing jewelry, either genuine or costume jewelry, to attract someone from the opposite sex. If you were unaware of your magnetic attraction towards that person, this dream is a wake-up call to alert your consciousness. Perhaps you were aware of some feelings for that person, but brushed them away because of self-doubts. This dream brings to the surface, the hidden thoughts and emotions.

If you already own jewelry/ jewellery, this dream tells you to wear your baubles. If you don’t own jewelry and you are not able to buy some, this dream is an encouragement to you. You will be able to afford to own some jewellery.

How to interpret dream meanings of rings & jewellery/ jewelry

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dream interpretations of rings & jewellery/ jewelry