Dream interpretation animal mole

If you dream of the animal mole, what is its dream interpretation?

The mole is a shy animal. It has bad eyesight and can only differentiate between dark and light. It hunts for its food using its nose. Moles eat earthworms.

Dreaming of a mole uses dream interpretation that compares the dreamer to the mole. Maybe the dream symbol hints at the lack of foresight. The dreamer may be getting tricked (hoodwinked) by someone in waking life. The dreamer may be “blind” to the dark deeds of the trickster.


A mole is a slang term to describe a spy. Maybe you have a spy in your office, work environment, or even at home. Rivalry, jealousy and negative sentiments can induce unfair tactics like spying, to gain advantage. Maybe you’ve seen and heard hints that suggest a mole is present. It never hurts to take precautions to protect yourself.