Dream interpretation acid

If you dream of acid as in vinegar, it might mean several possibilities:

  1. You have tasted something sour in waking life. The vinegar might have been a food, or event that has soured in going bad.
  2. If you had bad stuff thrown in your face during a real life situation, you might dream of acidic vinegar, to represent that episode.
  3. If someone has humiliated you to cause you embarrassment, this might trigger a dream of acid.

If you dreamed of acid as in drugs, the dream interpretation could be:

  1. You have an addiction to a chemical (acid).
  2. Your memory replayed an acid trip experienced in the past.
  3. Something during the past day triggered the dream imagery of acid.
  4. The dream symbol of acid can be a warning of the traumatic consequences of consuming addictives.