Dream drowning in pool of yogurt

If you dream drowning in pool of yogurt, there could be at least two dream interpretations.

  1. This dream could be related to some sexual connotations. You alone can associate this dream to your experiences.
  2. You dream of yoghurt because you love yogurt. You desire to eat yoghurt and by dreaming and being reminded of it, you’ll eat some to make your dream a reality.
  3. You have outstanding memories of yoghurt and for some reason, a different series of images are conjured to play in a dream about yogurt.
  4. Dreaming of drowning means you’re overwhelmed by emotions or stress. Prolonged periods of stress in waking life can overcome a person and they become dysfunctional. This state may continue in the dreamworld, where the person dreams of drowning.

Yogurt is thick due to its glue consistency and it impedes movement if you are immersed in a pool of it.

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