Dream candy bars

If you dream candy bars, its dream interpretation can mean you crave for them because you have a sweet tooth. On the serious side, if you often crave sweet foods, you ought to get your blood tested for diabetes. The habit of consuming sweets, sugary beverages and the like, may cause diabetes, as the body may be unable to process sugar into a stored form for the body.

What does it mean when you dream of candy bars?

If you have a sweet tooth, you may dream of your favorite foods, which are the sweet tasting ones.

Sweets, candy, confectionery and pastries are usually eaten as desserts and treats. Dream imagery of these sweet treats are associated with occasions like reward and celebrations.

Dream imagery of sweets and pastries are called up to suggest their association with putting on weight. If the dreamer has been gaining weight because of the consumption of sweet food, then this dream is a wake up call and warning. Sweet foods are a temptation. It tells the dreamer to be aware of the habit of eating sweet food and to do something about this.

The shape of the candy bar/ sweet food can also carry meaning for dream interpretation.

Circle shape of dream imagery means:

A round shape cupcake/ cookie/ dessert can symbolize a complete circle. If you’re facing a tough time in waking life, this dream is a prophesy for a better future for you after this transformative phase.

A circular shaped candy or confectionery can be a symbol for your life as a circle of personal space.

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