Day dream of the woman who welcomes you on the road

There is a certain road where people day dream of the woman who welcomes you on the road. She says “Hurry. Enter the village before the sun goes down.” Then this woman disappears from view as she walks down the road. Some old-timers claim this woman is not real. She used to be the village elder, ages ago. Her soul does not rest in peace. She feels she has to continue her former job of welcoming new visitors into her village, to help her villagers. As she appears in the day, people call her appearance as a day dream. She is real and yet unreal.

For the pic prompt:

Beware of the beautiful woman in a slinky green dress walking down the road. She welcomes all who wander across her path. They are never seen again.

Host Sonya – TLT, 3LineTales, Three Line Tales 265. Pic shows a woman wearing a long slinky olive green dress, on a dusty road. (Feb 25 2021 Thursday)