Code dream became reality

In her dream, she hated to code. Her brain couldn’t process technicalities like computer program coding. She woke up in cold sweat.

In reality, she was studying a course which required her to write code. She saw her dream prophecy on her failure, come true into reality. Her coded dream was programed into her reality.

Personal computer browsing and writing, Going to sunset Mass and returning home.

Prompt – code from . 6 sentence story. Go to website, from current Thur., through following Tue. to submit link via system.


  1. I admit to being one of the self defeated when it comes to writing code. But I do a mean cut and paste!! excellent six.

  2. Ah the good old days. I designed my Website one character at a them because there was no reliable Web design software then. Now we have WordPress. thank goodness. I don’t need any of those other design capabilities.

  3. hold on! did you say ‘lucid dream(ing)’1
    oh, man! I loves me some lucid dreams.
    (sad, but full disclosure: I lost the art years ago. I fear it is a gift reserved for the young. however, the mere mention brings to mind the all-earth vibrations that are often the precursor of the state.)

  4. interesting site/Six
    (Kinda makes sense*, this is, after all a reality that although most of us persist replicating in our ways of communicating in the ‘real’ world here, the virtual world/blogosphere is a place where the components of things, thoughts and ideas enjoy a half-life that is as long as necessary.)

    *lol, yeah, sorry. This, coming from someone with a site such as mine might appear to be damning with faint praise…. nothing could be farther from the truth.

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