Celebrity deaths in 2023

Dec. 23 2023: Bobbie Jean Carter, 41, sister of Aaron Carter and Nick Carter, has died. The Carter family’s circle said they believed Bobbie Jean died after a cardiac arrest on Sat., Dec 23, 2023.

Dec. 22 2023: Laura Lynch, 61, founding member of Dixie Chicks (later renamed The Chicks), died on Fri., Dec. 22 2023. Lynch was killed in a car crash.

Published on Jan 2 2020 – Nick Gordon, ex-boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown and one time almost foster son of Whitney Houston, has died. Gordon’s lawyer, Joe Habachy, confirmed Nick Gordon’s death, but declined to reveal his cause of death.

Jan. 1 20202 – Lexii Alijai died.

Lexii Alijai, whose real name was Alexis Alijai Lynch, died on New Year’s Day 2020. Lexii, 21, from St. Paul, Minnesota, was an emerging rapper. Her cause of death was not revealed.

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