The Last Photo: #LastOnTheCard

Here is my The Last Photo: #LastOnTheCard –

Female tennis player inspired by Serena Williams pic
Fantasy art female tennis player with cat face, anthropomorphism.

Tennis player wears a type of cat suit inspired by Flo-Jo. Right arm has a long sleeve & right leg has a long legging. Left arm supposed to sport a short sleeve and a short pant. This player here has worn a lower arm sleeve jacket to cover up against the sun or cold. This postcard size miniature is on card paper. Acrylic, gourache, watercolor on stamped mixed media collage. Available.

Taken by iphone 6C.

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Social media is a mental addiction

Are you glued on social media? Do you know someone who is online every waking minute of their time? How much sharing is over-sharing? Human beings are social animals, crave attention and social interaction. The channel from which they seek to satisfy their cravings, draws them into their addiction.

Mental addiction is an obsessive compulsive disorder. Counseling is insufficient to pull away from mental addiction. Active actions like a change of life style and development of new, healthy habits, are necessary.

Mixed media

When I think of mixed media, kindergarten art pops into my head. Some people say its childish and way past my league but I love 3D mixed media art. I love my creations even in the face of insults.

Link: My art.

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