Book Review of Down The Lane by Paul Lafferty

Book Review of Down The Lane by Paul Lafferty. He’s on Twitter as @downthelanebook.

I bought @downthelanebook because I wanted to read a memoir type of fiction by one of us at Twitter. How did he write his experiences in a cohesive manner turning them into a book? If you’re like many of us who desire to tell our personal stories, read his book.

The main character is Ian Riordan, who almost never gets called by his government name because tough guys are always cloaked in anonymity. He works in a strip club as the DJ, doorman, bouncer and stage manager for strippers. He’s a victim of circumstance, struggling to leave the shady life when he became too old to play the dangerous game of reckless living. He doesn’t get to bow out at a last curtain call. Instead, he is caught right in the middle of a murder and gang war and has to side step complicated rival gang relations to stay alive.

The good caterpillar has long known he had to molt into a chrysalis and then butterfly. This happened when all loose ends are tied up. Who doesn’t love a fairy tale ending?

This book is waiting to be made into a movie! I’m almost sure that when sales pick up, a producer will approach the author with an offer to buy the rights to make his book into a movie.

Book’s rating: 5/5 stars.

Down The Lane by Paul Lafferty.

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