40% discount

This is a series of pictures drawn from my diary of events related to a specific episode on trying to buy blinds for my screen door and one window. It all started off innocently enough, when I received two brochures in my mail. There was an offer for 40% discount to buy ready made blinds and customized blinds. There was free in-site measurement where a salesman would come to your apartment to take measurements and give you a quote.

The 40% offer was a type of honey trap. I was blinded by the offer of buying blinds without stepping out of my home. This series of pictures will explain the marketing strategy of an experienced salesman. (“I’ve worked at this job for 5 years” was the salesman’s testimony. )

There’s dirt on discount deals.

40% discount on window blinds, blinded by offer.

Prompt – #FOWC dirt.

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