The Haunting of Hill House

This is my version of a haunting of hill house. I once lived in a hill house, that is, a house on a hill. When we were inside the house, during the day, we would hear knocking on the main gate. When we looked out, there was nobody at the gate. Several of us living in the house heard this kind of knocking and sometimes, we heard the noise simultaneously. It has been said no two people can see a ghost at the same time. But nothing is known about two or more people simultaneously hearing a sound that could have originated from an unexplained source. At night, there would be a different type of noise. Someone or something would be dragging a heavy chair across the kitchen. This would happen in the dead stillness of the night. No one in the family was up and about. Everyone was tucked in for the night. And yet the dragging sound would be heard on some nights. All these happenings were experienced while awake so they were not in dreams.

Have you lived in your own version of Hill House?

Dreaming of Knocking
Dream world does not associate knocking with good meanings. A knock on the door signals someone unfamiliar who has come to deliver bad news. Unexpected visitors are often associated with being messengers of bad news. The dreamer may expect to receive bad news soon.

Dreaming of hearing knocking at door.