Day dream of Coffee

I day dream of coffee when I have reached my daily quota of caffeine intake. I have to adhere strictly to my daily allotment or suffer insomnia. I like very hot beverages. The heat comforts me. In all weather.

Frank, who blogs as PCGUYIV, asks us to be truthful in response to his Truthful Tuesday prompt on Mar 2 2021. Here is his question: Whether it’s coffee, tea, cocoa, cider, or whatever, do you reserve warm beverages for cold weather, or do you drink them all year round?

Morning coffee before food.

From writing to art

Truthful Tuesday hosted by PCGUYIV asks this question for us to be truthful about:

When was the last time you had well thought-out plans that got dashed to pieces by circumstances beyond your control? Were you able to “make lemonade” out of the “lemons” life handed you, or did you have to completely step back and regroup?

I self-published again my latest thin booklet. It had near zero sales. This attempt was already my lemonade. It was my nonfiction effort, a change from the bitter lemon lesson from my early fiction attempts.

The issue is not about the genres, but rather, marketing attempts. In my former blog circle, bloggers were intent on chalking up points for cash. It was near impossible to persuade bloggers to spend money buying books. I bought their books but they didn’t buy mine.

I changed from a blogging circle, to a social media platform … Twitter. Two good people bought my nonfiction book. I had bought their books earlier.

I stepped back from writing for self-publication. I submitted one application to exhibit and sell miniature art. It was my first art exhibition, shown jointly in a big exhibition with about 200+ other artist submissions.

I sold 90% of my exhibits.

I’m so grateful with the Universe and all the powers.

To all you readers out there who are struggling to find the right recipe to make lemonade or create something out of your basic skills – don’t give up trying. Try something different. You may be surprised.

Do you eat according to the season?

No, I don’t eat according to the season of the year. I eat whatever foods I need to consume for health. Regretfully, I’m at this stage of my life when I have to practice the philosophy, “You are what you eat”. I am generally needy in health, so I need to replenish nutrients and vitamins. I have to eat greens and fruits every day. I only eat fish or chicken once or twice a week.

I like soups but I don’t cook soups based on the weather of the day. I boil soups when I don’t feeling like chewing food. Drinking soup is for this type of day.

Truthful Tuesday Feb 2 2021 – prompt about what foods you eat in different seasons. Hosted by PCGuyIV.