My birthday

When I was a young child, I anticipated my birthday celebrations. Since it was not a family tradition, I slowly extinguished that desire. I never knew which years would be celebrated and which years would be met with silence. It was easier not to anticipate than to be disappointed. Gradually, it became a win if nobody remembered it was my birthday on the actual day.

Privately, I am often happy to be alive to reach another milestone. I celebrate in my mind and private emotions.


As you have gotten older, do you still celebrate your birthday, or has it become just another day to you?

Truthful Tuesday Mar 16 2021 prompt was hosted by Frank the PCGUYIV.

Join me to Take Seven

A dotty neighbor has continued to gossip to her cronies about me. She expressed her deep displeasure at my lack of wish to do childcare and babycare for her precious son and tiny soft baby born not too long ago. She felt fully done with family. She had wrongly guessed she could give away her duties and snuck away to town to laugh and bounce.

I wish I could say to her, “Take seven minutes and think about others before you trouble them.”

pensitivity hosts Take Seven Mar 12 2021 . Her prompt words for the past week were:

acquired, ages, born, bounce, deep, denied, displeasure, done, dotty, family, full, guessed, laugh, looking, miracle, penance, precious, sidelines, softness, tiny, wish.

Take Seven is a special relook into the past week’s words and to use them in a writing exercise.

Gossip: TMP The Monday Peeve

Gossip can be used as a psychological weapon to demoralize the intended target. The motive for targeting a person/ organization can be revenge for selfish reasons. Unsuspecting followers of gossip believe it as truth set in stone. Gossipers have double standards. They think they have a free license to gossip, but cry foul when the table is turned around.

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