Write a story based on your dream: OPEN POST

Story based on a dream of Simon:
Simon was the nemesis of Simple Simon. I met him at a social gathering organized by a singles club. The activity was kite flying. Hey Simon! If you ever read this, hit me up for old times’ sake. I was impressed with the tall, lanky guy. At the end of the day, I asked him for his telephone number. We didn’t have mass portable cell phones back in 1990s. The organizers saw this and smiled. Simon and I were the “one hit wonder”. Just one date and we were ready to hook up. He called me and we had around three personal dates – once to the pub, second to the movie theater and third to the church and beach. Simon was very busy. He was working on shift, had a share in a sideline business with his friend, and taking care of his aged mother. One Sunday, we were supposed to meet up for our fourth date when he cancelled. He said he had to go away to be quiet by himself. Just like that and I never heard from him again. I did try to call his home but his mother and sister never revealed anything. I mailed him a Valentine’s Day card. I wanted to mail him more cards but my hurt was deeper than my inclination so I held back.

About two decades have passed. I still wonder what if …

This was my dream on Simon.
I saw Simon seated at a coffee house. (In reality, we had never visited an eating place together). A dream image can be a fragment of an actual memory, or spliced with fragments of other memories. That is why the image of Simon waiting at a coffee house was followed by unrelated images of an elevator lobby, of two women talking, and then back to Simon. He blamed me for not speaking to him. I felt sad. The dream ended.

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