Strong foundation: Dream Interpretation #29

Dreaming of a strong foundation
I thank VJ’s weekly challenge #14: Foundation, for presenting the opportunity to write about “foundation” as a topic.

Who, among us, does not dream of a strong foundation for everything they do? Everyone wants to succeed and be good at whatever they do. A strong foundation is essential to build and sustain personal projects, relationships, job and networking.

The concept of foundation is a complicated one and is difficult to represent in a dream. One common symbol that can represent it is a house/ home/ building. Everything starts with oneself and their immediate surroundings. The house can be a metaphorical symbol for oneself and the home. Which explains why the house is a common dream symbol that pops into dreams frequently.

Dreams are composed of images of familiar objects that are inanimate and animate, seen in waking hours. Sometimes, people say that their dream imagery are unfamiliar. These “new” images may be a combination of old existing familiar ones. It is common for dreams to contain incomplete fragments which may puzzle us when we try to interpret meanings.

Dreaming of a house with strong foundations.

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  1. Oh, I love all things dream related. Thanks for this post. A strong foundation is indeed what we strive for. I can remember times in my life when I dreamt of mud slides – just before my own foundation gave out. The search for self in the messages of the dreamtime is very rewarding.

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