Nurturing Thursday for yourself

Nurturing Thursday is a writing prompt to remind us to take care of ourselves. In psychology, we studied Abraham Maslow’s theory of the Hierarchy of Needs for every human being. A person seeks primary level needs (physiological and safety requirements), before they can have time and attention to desire their next level of needs, which is the secondary level (for security, love and esteem). When a person is sated, they have energy, time, intangible and tangible resources, to achieve self-actualization, aka be the best person they can be.

You can’t run on an empty tank. All this means you are required to take care of yourself first, before you can take care of others. Your health is your wealth. For you need to be healthy in order to work to earn money. If you can’t work and/ or pay out large sums for your medical expenses, you lose whatever wealth you have, and also have lost the means to work to save, to replenish your depleting resources.

I used to take care of others before myself. I was the first to wake up in the house, last to eat my meals, and multi-tasking all the time. Sometimes I became so sick that I couldn’t even crawl out of bed. I decided to insist to have some time for myself. I said no to extra chores to reduce stress on my spinal cord. I ate better food to recover from gastritis. It was a long road to recovery. Recently, I had a series of various dental treatment to repair damage to my teeth which was caused by malnutrition and acid. I am very fortunate that God enabled me to receive blessings to correct my ailments. Thank you God.

I love Becca Givens’ Nurturing Thursday post.


  1. Taking small steps in day for ourselves is the way to start — AND appreciating all the blessings brought! Thank you for visiting and linking for Nurturing Thursday!

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