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Old man leery at woman.


There is a story of a man gone mental. He works in a role that has interaction with the public. He works at a gantry. Every time a woman has to pass that gantry, he gives her a strange look. The look that asks “You’re available? Why haven’t you approached me?”I would suggest the people who have seen this behavior, to inform the immediate boss of this guard. The superior needs to speak with the man with a lecherous attitude. This is sexual harassment. If the company has a human resource and counseling unit, they need to book an appointment for this worker.

Overly aggressive attitude is not a simple issue of testosterone acting up. A qualified psychologist or psychiatrist will be able to evaluate the man, through clinical observation, questionnaire, getting him to do neurological assessment tests, blood test and urine test and interviewing close associates of the man.

The blood test will reveal abnormalities in the blood, like levels of hormone, and traces of drugs. If there are traces of drugs that are decomposing within a two week time period, these will be excreted in the urine and show up in tests. Chemicals that cause irritation in the body, or stimulate psychological reactions, can encourage the man to behave illogically. Like stalking a woman because his mind is twisted with a dark belief that he should tackle the woman.

Alcohol and nicotine causes damage to the brain and body. When brain cells die, we don’t get new replacement brain cells. Instead, other brain cells are found to take over the rein. When judgement is impaired, like as in cognition (thinking) is hindered, the brain does not own a politically and morally correct direction to follow.

The patient with OCD may know that he has a compulsive habit to do a certain action. He may know that his habit is wrong, but he can’t help himself. He gives in easily to his habit, even when he knows his belief is skewered. He knows there is no basis for him to think that the woman with no ties to him likes him enough for casual sex, but he still wants to test the possibility. He cannot observe boundaries of personal space. He cannot accept no for the answer.

Analyzing the speech and behaviors of Mr. Pervert:

He is afraid of men but not women. This can be a symptom of a carrier of illness passed down by men. If he does not already have an infectious disease, then he is afraid to be manipulated to repay for favors.

He has verbal aversion to what he said in his own words, “women who take money from men”. If he refers to hookers, and is afraid of being infected with disease, then he already has experience of illness and valid grounds to fear it. Additionally, since he expressed obsession with hookers, then he may have close relations with hookers. Another possibilities are that he had engaged services of hookers, and/ or his close relative is/ was a hooker.

As he has more reluctance to approach men then women, it is a symptom of fragile ego and/ or gay orientation. A straight man may be afraid of having to submit to payback time with the gay man. Another possibility is that the man has already engaged in gay promiscuous behavior and is afraid to infect new partners. It could be that he already has an illness and is weak. Hence, he has reluctance to jeopardize his health.

One other hypothesis –
Mr. Pervert paints a bad picture of the woman who is his target of extortion. He wants to encourage other people, who he thinks he can persuade, to put pressure on his target. He thinks that is one method of heavy arm lifting to blackmail money out of the target.

This is the profile of a potential sex offender and criminal.

Women and men, have you met a person with this profile? Join the #MeToo movement. Take care. Do everything possible to stay safe.

The height of sexual harassment
Sexual harassment is a type of terrorism against female and male. Invasion and Occupation of human bodies and houses are acts of terrorism against free will and humanity.

While state agencies and private companies have allegedly maintained a mindful watch on terror threats, what about residents in the various housing estates? The Firm and and firms have terrorism risk management plans to scare off potential terrorists. How about maintaining watchful eyes on terrorists placed strategically in our midst of peaceful homes? Do we have risk management plans to counter a quiet invasion by terrorists? Who watches when the working men and women are away from home? Security guards? Domestic maids? SAHM? Retirees?

Yeah, the security guard who’s supposed to protect residents from harm. Overheard at the guardhouse:

Security Guard #1: Look, woman without man. We can tackle her.

Security Guard #2: She’s not the type to entertain us.

SG #1: Woman who takes money and presents from men is trash. We can tackle her.

SG #2: How do you know she takes cash & goods from men?

SG #1: Her ex dressed poorly and skimmed junk from the recycling bins. He was desperate.

SG #2: Maybe that was his habit. Other residents also do that.

SG #1: That woman runs a service in this estate. We can tackle her under Religious Law.

SG #2: That Religious Law can only be applied to people who belong to that Religion.

SG #1: She’s trash. Religious Law says trash are not allowed to keep gains from their illicit business ventures. We can overpower her and steal her money and house.

SG #2: I don’t think she’s trash. She doesn’t dress that type. She doesn’t look that type.

SG #1: She doesn’t work outside. She tricked her ex into giving her money and that house. She scammed her old man. We can take it away from her.

SG #2: We can’t hold a kangaroo court and make those decisions.

SG #1: Many men visit her. We have the right to overpower trashy women. Our Religion says so.

SG #2: No. I checked the log book on visitors. No one visits her unit.

SG #1: She does acts behind closed doors. We don’t see the bad acts she did behind closed doors.

SG #2: If you didn’t see it, how can you accuse her of doing bad things?

SG #1: I know she’s bad. She does not wear the customary clothing for women in our Religious Order.

SG #2: She does not belong to our race and ethnicity. She does not belong to our Religion. She does not need to wear the clothing specified by our Religion.

SG #1: She’s bad, I tell you. You better listen to me.

Conversation was cut as the eavesdropper had walked away out of ear-shot.
Are residents here mindful of the threat of terrorism planted right smack next to their homes? No. None would anticipate terrorists to be hiding in plain sight. After all, terrorism happens only in public places, right?

While workplaces like commercial buildings have registered staff who were specially trained to combat terrorism, what about our homes? Who is to stop the invasion of Religious Fanatics bent on occupying houses owned by Non-Religious Fanatics?

Terrorism exists at all levels. Religious insurgency is a present risk. Any country can be a target of terrorist organizations or individual lone wolf attacks. The question is not whether a country will be attacked. The question is WHEN a country will be attacked.

Retail sales, F & B, entertainment hotspots with masses of people, places of worship, hotels, transport systems, supporting logistics have risk management systems in place. But how about civilian housing estates? Tall apartment blocks are hot targets for mass destruction and disruption.

The agent of terror can be the security guard. The very icon of trust you never thought could betray you.

We, as private citizen residents, need to share educational information during times of peace. We need to know what are the measures to protect ourselves against threats of terror. Private citizens can be points of contact to spread necessary information for protection and to facilitate a united response, in a show of strength, against terrorism. Propagating literature on combating terrorism is one of the core mitigating measures to handle this challenge. Existing resource literature should be customised and made relevant for residents in private as well as public housing estates.

Every resident in the country has a role to play in preparing and cultivating a community that is resistant to terrorist invasion and attack. The country’s safety and security should not be taken for granted. Terrorism waits to strike.

What sparks social injustice against the victim?
The perpetuators (Bullies) have a big ego. They think they are better and superior human beings over the victim. Even if the victim is nowhere close to their type, they will twist and manipulate with baseless arguments to make it sound as though the target deserves to be subjugated for punishment. Note the reported conversation between the two male guards. They desire to show off their prowess by subjugating a target to become their victim.

The male Id, Ego and Superego:
Hell hath no fury like the male ego scorned.

To be continued soon.

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