Meaning of dreaming of coffee

If you had been dreaming of drinking coffee, or seeing coffee, it can mean:

  1. You expect to be sleepy and needing this stimulant.
  2. You anticipate working for long hours, beyond your normal schedule.
  3. All these can also carry additional meanings like you’re going to be needed, which can mean you’re successful in your field.
  4. If you need to interpret this in a non-working scenario, it means you’re going to be busy.
  5. Seeing coffee beans in dream imagery can mean a source of money. Once upon a time, I was brought to visit a coffee plantation. The short coffee shrubs bore “berries”. Some of the ripe berries were plucked for harvesting, and to be sold as a cash crop. Dreaming of coffee beans, in my contextual experience, means a source of money.

Pour hot water to make coffee.