How dream of kangeroo relates to your life

Meaning of dream of kangeroo.

The kangeroo is a marsupial native to Australia. The first and foremost association from  diagnosing this dream image is that it speaks of Australia. The kangeroo may be a symbol that hints you will be visiting Australia soon. It remains to be seen by you, on what grounds you have, to visit Australia. You might have some official purpose to visit that country, or some recreational purpose.

The dream image of a kangeroo carries its traits like being a strong hopping animal. Your waking life behaviors may be recognized as having similarities if you acknowledge you like “hopping” from one activity to another. You may also be protective of your young, by enclosing them with your warm embrace. The image of the kangeroo may serve to remind you of your aggressive side, when you may act against people who your disagree with.