Ghosts in my home (with pictures)

I don’t believe in ghosts but after several strange sights and sounds, its time to talk about the ghosts in my home.

This story has several creepy elements like graveyards, sounds, shadows, lost object and orb.

This post documents my encounters with extra-ordinary phenomena. (I’m still not ready to attribute unusual activities to ghost/s).

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t ask a priest to come and bless my home to exorcize and exonerate the spirits – well, I did do something of the sort. I obtained blessed holy water from the church. I sprinkled drops of it in each and every room in my home. In spite of my action, the sounds, orb and shadows persisted.

I live very near to at least five cemeteries/ graveyards. Four have been redeveloped to become residential estates, a school, an old age retirement home and a temple. The fifth lay untouched for unclear reasons. It was the final resting place of immigrants from a certain country and culture. I would think that it may not have been feasible to contact relatives to collect the remains if the graveyard was exhumed. My apartment sits smack in the middle of the four former and one still existing graveyard. The latter is on top of a hill holding many private residential estates. A public children’s playground is its neighbor. You are right in assuming I played there when I was a kid. On the one and only occasion I was there to sit on the see-saw and slide, the hairs on my arms erected. In broad daylight. I never had the enthusiasm to re-visit that playground again.

I had heard sounds in the corridor running from the living room to the bedrooms. I thought they were caused by heat and cold. The home expanded during the hot day and contracted as temperatures fell at dusk. As building materials contracted, they emitted sounds. I can’t explain why the corridor, which is the innermost section of the home, was most susceptible to temperature changes. To be fair, I often hear the structures at my windows releasing sounds. They go “tick” or “tuck”, like a finger nail clicking on the metal.

Sometimes, I thought I saw shadows at the corner of my right eye or left eye. It was fleeting and I thought it was a trick of light caused by changes of position of the sun as the day progressed.

August 8 2018:
I had just woke up early in the morning at around 6 am. I was still sleepy and struggling to pull myself together to get out of bed. I heard a couple of noises which sounded like they came from the kitchen. I walked in and switched the light to check. I had a look to check for intruders, but nothing seemed out of place. I dismissed the noises. Mabe a lizard ran across the kitchen counter and hit some utensils.

That night, as I was preparing to cook, I discovered my broad, white, plastic spatula was missing from the drain board at the sink. I have always placed it there after each washing. It was inconceivable that it could be misplaced elsewhere. Nobody else touched my spatula. Where could it have gone?

I deduced that the spatula may have fallen from its standing position on the drain board atop the sink. Why wasn’t it on the floor where it should be if it had fallen down? Directly below the drain board, there is an open bin to collect kitchen waste and trash. If the spatula fell, it could have landed inside the bin and gone undetected. I had cleared and emptied out the bin without checking what was inside it. Were the sounds I heard related to the spatula falling?

The big mystery is – how did the spatula lose its balance and got dislodged from its resting place on the draining board?

One day, I opened a closet in the hallway, to clean it out. I removed all the junk and tossed them down the diposal chute. Then I used a broom to sweep the flooring of the closet. Suddenly, I saw a ball of bright light fly out of the closet. It was the size of a tennis ball. It was floating at a height around my chest level. It flew in a straight line along the wall and disappeared.

I have several more anecdotes to narrate and will be telling more stories on “ghosts” in my home soon. Please come to visit updates to this post again. Thank you.

I also have a few projects on “ghosts” in dreams, and the meaning of dreaming of dead people. Please follow this blog to keep in touch.

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