Essay on direction 1

Lost Angeles is a pun on the city Los Angeles. I would spin it another turn, to make it Lost Angel s. For natives of the city, and newcomers who have relocated from hometowns near and far, Los Angeles  is a city of bright light and hope. A new immigrant nurtures hope that they may be able to find a good job, opportunities and carve out a better existence. This city includes Hollywood, as one of its municipals, although the latter broke free when it became an independent city. As promising as the city of bright lights sounds, there are two sides to the coin. Some people have lost their way in Los Angeles. They could not reach their original goals. Others blame the city for being lost, going with the tide of competition and greed. Morals are lost, along with lost ambitions as masses are consumed by the necessicity of compromising to survive. Good people and angels may fall by the wayside and become Lost Angel s.

This essay was written in response to Creative Writing prompts.