Essay on direction 2

A picture prompt at Creative Writing showed a woman holding the soiled hem of her long gown. She had a beautiful gown but alas! Its hem was soiled by contact with the muddy ground. I wonder what would she do with this clothing? Would she attempt to wash the dirty laundry? Or would she discard it and buy other garments? This depends on economics and financial standing. If she is wealthy enough to use and throw, then she need not bother to scrub off the damage. If she is affluent enough to afford a maid or hired help to do her laundry, she would keep her dress as she wouldn’t batter her eyelid at the effort required to repair the dress.

In the first place, she should not have chosen to wear a light colored maxi dress. If only it was of a dark color. Then the stains would not show up that badly. On the other hand, the soil would contribute to maintain the dark color of the cloth.

This picture could be inspiration to write an episode of racy romance. The woman may have sneaked out of her room, walked across a muddy garden trail, to leave the confines of her home. She could be trying to reach a secret rendevous with her boyfriend.

On another direction, the woman could have spoiled her dress by trekking across a country path, in search of a doctor or some help.

Imagination would feed creative writing of this story.