Don’t scare the cat: Mindful Doodles #397

Mindful Doodles #397 – Don’t scare the cat

Cats are timid sometimes. When it is eating, it wants to feel safe. The feline will stop eating when a stranger approaches. The cat will stop chewing its munchies if you put a strange object near it. It fears unfamiliar people and objects. You would too, in a human context.

A while back, I posted a picture frame on a man who was dating his girlfriend with a lunch in a coffee shop. The man said he felt people were watching him and staring in the atmosphere all around. He said he couldn’t eat. His girlfriend urged him to start eating and ignore the environment. But he said he couldn’t. He felt unsafe and lost his appetite to eat.

See, some mammals share similar traits.

Don’t scare the cat while it eats.