Don’t open the Pandora box

Millie couldn’t believe her luck, an eighteenth century, hand-carved oak hope chest with original fixtures intact– and all she had to do was convince them to sell it to her.After a period of haggling with its owners, Millie finally managed to pare down its price to a figure she could comfortably part with. Millie borrowed a cargo trolley to cart the chest away. It was unbelievably heavy. Millie was secretly delighted as she was convinced its weight was proof of the authenticity of the ancient oak.

She arrived at home exhausted and decided to off load the chest behind her main door. She would slowly shift it to its final position to take pride of place among her furniture. There was a strange smell from this chest. Millie pinned it down to the musky odor of the old wood, which probably hadn’t been aired and cleaned for ages. She hunted around her kitchen for her simple tool box. She took out a screw driver and hammer. She would use these to break open the rusty lock.

Millie positioned the screw driver at the locking mechanism and gently hammered at it. She didn’t want to accidentally hit the wood. A single scratch or dent would devalue the chest. After several persistent knocks, the lock gave way. She gently pried it loose from the chest. This was the moment she was waiting for. Taking a deep breath, she lifted the lid.

It was empty.

Disappointed and tired, Millie decided to take a nap. She set her alarm to ring after one hour.

She dreamed of dead people. This continued night after night, sleep after sleep. She began to suffer from insomnia.

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