Dream of the sea

I dream of the sea for its beauty. I stand at the beach and watch the the tide as it comes and ebbs in soothing rhythm. In my dream, I was on a boat. I was traveling somewhere which was not revealed to me. The journey seemed to take forever. I was not reaching my destination. Then I woke up without a conclusion to my dream.

Upon reflection, I guessed at the meaning of my dream. My life was like an endless journey. I had no sight of my destination. I only knew I had to survive from mile to mile. In the sea of life, mysterious things surfaced to meet me. They could be causes for concern, but only for brief periods of life. Life, like the sea, has currents which would carry the things away. They were small incidents and episodes which moved away.

Photo prompt on woman and child in boat.

My collage on a woman in a boat.

Dreaming of rowing a boat.

Dream of loneliness

Sometimes, we dream of loneliness. There are many people in your dream but you’re like an invisible observer looking on. The dream interpretation for loneliness would be your mind telling you that you do not connect to your circle in life. You may not be making efforts to blend in and connect. Or you need to search for suitable groups; like birds of a feather flocking together.

It is also like this in life.

We live surrounded by people, yet we feel so isolated. We feel misunderstood. We prefer to spend time on social media in bids to connect. We are less than one degree from the next available human being. Yet we try to communicate with another human, thousands of miles away.

We dress up beautifully. Yet we have none to appreciate our effort. Talk to the wall. Talk to the sea. Deafening silence answers you. But that says enough.

Mind Loves Misery’s Menagareie Photo Challenge.

My collage art on fisherman at sea.

Dreaming of rowing a boat.

Dreaming of an accident

Monday’s #writingprompts says to write about what he saw behind the wheel.

John was driving along the road, whistling a familiar tune. He was getting late for his appointment. He stepped on his accelerator. He was irritated at the thought of being reprimanded for being late. He sped past many cars. He felt like he was in control now. His car went round the bend. He almost cleared it. A loud bang woke him up from his mind’s monkey chatter. What was that? He lost control of his car. Darn. He was hit with a tire puncture. What a time to choose to be later than he already was. He applied his brakes. His car was wobbly on three tires. He wrestled with his steering wheel to regain some control. It skirted the perimeter wall as the downward momentum carried his car farther down the wall. His brakes were not working. Of course. He had no money to pay for servicing . His right front fender scrapped the wall. I don’t want to die, thought John. As if on cue, his life flashed before his eyes. His intuition told him, this is it. This is the end. A second loud bang. John was flung hard against his steering wheel. The impact may have cracked his ribs. He heard cars and vehicles zooming past him. John prepared himself to meet his Maker.

His car smashed into the perimeter wall . He was drifting into unconsciousness. Motorists came to help him out. Someone called an ambulance. You’re going to be all right, a voice reassured him.

Someone was slapping his face. Can you hear me, he said.

He opened his eyes. His brother was lightly slapping his cheeks. Wake up or you’re going to be late for work.

It was only a dream after all.

Updated for Jan. 20 2017 dream –
My family and I were traveling along a road when we chanced to see an accident. A car in front had flipped and was lying on its bonnet. There was a small plane using the road as a tarmac runway. The airplane took off.

Dreaming of my earworm

Dreaming of my earworm:

I have an earworm that is so annoying that I dreamed abut it.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS September 8 2018 prompt is “earworm“.

One of the most irritating and superficial assumption people hold is – Success is measured by your wealth.

People in my town are consumed with showing off they are better than the Joneses. They must have nicer decorated homes, sportier cars, higher end luxury goods, exotic holidays, branded clothing, restaurant dining and pay through the nose for extravagant lifestyles. Why? Because they want to protect their fragile egos. Showing off material wealth maintains an artificial front for their egos.

People who don’t show their wealth may be equally, if not more successful.

In a similar vein of thought, the worm has rather poor eyesight. It can barely discern light and dark and can’t make out clearly defined shapes.

Dreaming of the faceless time keeper

What does it mean to see a faceless time keeper? Someone is showing you the time, but does not want to reveal who they are. This is another spin on the grim reaper. He also hides within a cascading cassock like garment. What are the implications for revealing a face? You might be frightened, disgusted, or react adversely. What if the face belonged to someone you knew? What if the person has betrayed you and wants to keep their identity a secret? Seeing a faceless time keeper is a simulation of a threat. I would think about the recent events in my life. What has happened to cause such a sighting? Does this symbolic image wish to remind me of something? What should I do in response? One thing I should NOT do is to ignore the sign.

Faceless time keeper prompt.

Zombie, gremlin, poltergeist: Dream Interpretation #24

The story of someone dreaming of the zombie, gremlin and poltergeist was written for Three Things Challenge for September 4 2018 : 3TC – gremlin, poltergeist, zombie.

There was a man who suffered from a mental disorder. His brain wasn’t working well. He couldn’t respond to stimuli from his environment. He sat still like a zombie. His low energy attracted the attention of the house gremlin and poltergeist. The former welcomed him because he seldom moved and didn’t cause any disturbance in the house.  The latter was interested to find somebody to play and tease. The man was unable to speak up to tell others about the poltergeist he saw. The zombie, gremlin and poltergeist co-inhabited the same house in relative harmony. Until the day when the man received treatment for his catatonic state. He became lively. He started to notice the mischief created by the gremlin and poltergeist. He told others about the other beings in his home. His fellow humans became worried about his sanity. They sent him away, to stay in a mental hospital. The gremlin and poltergeist were relieved that they could once again, come out to play.

Orb and paranormal.

Goodbye: Dream Interpretation #25

Dreaming of goodbye can be an intuitive message to alert you that the time is near for you to bade farewell to a person/ place or something. This dream may have been triggered by some actions that happened in your daytime. If you reflect on this dream, you know that it is true. The time has come to say goodbye and this dream could have been a reminder.

Sometimes, the meaning of dreaming goodbye, is because of your unprepared mental state, to let go. If you had been clinging on tightly and that was bad for you, you may dream about a forced parting.

Manic Mondays prompts for Sep. 2 2018 – sunglasses, departing, song.

We said goodbye to people, places and lost, inanimate objects. Sometimes, we dream of dead people like as if they were still alive and talking to us, after we know they are gone. If you’re interested to read more, please click here.

Grieving, mourning, bereavement, loss and saying goodbye.

Kite flying: Dream Interpretation #26

I met my friend S at a friendship day outing. One of the group activities was kite flying. By day’s end, we had exchanged telephone numbers. Our friendship blossomed and withered within the space of a couple of months. He had to leave the neighborhood. I tried to keep in touch but calling was out of range. My greeting card was not reciprocated. My family said he was no longer interested and I should move on. I thought I could not see a kite without crying for my unrequited interest but after a few years, I managed to keep a straight face and fly past the old memory.

One night, around 22 years after S left, I had a dream:

Dreaming of my old friend S.

Dreaming of kite flying.

Weekly photo challenge pic prompt: Summertime. #photoyogasummertime.

Yummy mummy: Mindful Doodles #508

Mindful Doodles #508: Yummy mummy

Is it safe to wear a skimpy dress while escorting two toddlers outdoors? A woman thought she was in a safe neighborhood and that was reason enough to wear attention seeking attire. Trying hard to be a yummy mummy.

Is it safe to wear skimpy dress?

OLWG prompts #66

Today was going to be the day she released her hand-drawn comic strip with an important message. She had mulled over her story idea. She summoned up courage to illustrate the controversial message. She self-published it using her pseudonym. She had no one else to tell because she kept her online identity secret. She waited for reactions from all her favorite people in the forum. It became late. Finally, she went to bed. Next morning, she resisted checking her social media before completing her meditation. It was just as well. She discovered all but one visitor had omitted clicking on the link to her comic. Only one reader.

PS – The mentioned comic is this:
Tough Decision.

Fiction written using prompts listed below.
OLWG #66 prompts
1) You won’t be able to tell anyone else
2) Well, that was the idea.
3) All my favorite people.

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