Carly McCord died in airplane crash (updated)

July 9 2016 – I dreamed but didn’t remember the dream. I talked a little and woke myself up when I said the words, “Plane crash”. I had no idea why I was dreaming and saying those words. Any dream about a disaster or bad incident, is usually a simulation of threat, which resulted from anxiety. Thus, a dream about a plane crash may not portend an airplane crash, but maybe a dream triggered by anxiety.

Famous people and celebrities who died in airplane crashes

Dec. 29 2019 – Carly McCord died in December 2019.

Carly McCord, a sports journalist based in New Orleans, died in a small plane crash. The light aircraft crashed in a post office’s car park in Louisiana. A total of five people died, while one was saved and sent to hospital. Two people on the ground were treated for smoke inhalation. Carly McCord was married to Steven Ensminger Jr. He has confirmed Carly’s death. 

Carly McCord RIP.

The list of dead and injured are here.