Happy days = happy dreams

Emotional state continues during dream.

One for sorrow, two for mirth. 

A long time ago, I decided I would  limit my  crying to a minimal amount. Actually I told myself I wouldn’t cry  because enough has been cried over the decades of self-pity. For every tear that was dropped, I would think of at least one happiness or gratitude, to deflect the negativity of sorrow. My counter for mirth, happiness, joy, positivity and gratitude is more.

When you’re emotionally upset during the day, your thoughts, feelings and actions spill over into your dream. If you want happy dreams, you ought to be happy during the day. What makes you happy? If you had the power to make yourself happy, would you do that at any cost?

If you dream of being happy, it could be a desperate wish fulfilment because you were unhappy in waking life. So this explains why when you dream of happiness, you will wake up and see the usual unhappiness.

Happy days = happy dreams. Go create them!

I nurture marigolds underwater. My friend pesters me to draw them out of the crutch of my falsified decorous token exterior, until the beauties are able to finally surface.


Dreaming of happy family
September 1 2016 – I dreamed I was having a happy family.

Dream analysis –
In the world of dreams, seeing imagery of a happy family does not mean the same in waking life. It could mean a sad family in reality.

This dream continued into its second night, on September 2, 2016. Again I dreamed that my family was quite normal, and happy, surviving quite well, after weathering past storms..

This happy family dream became a recurring theme for a while. I dreamed again, for the third time, on September 3 2016, about having a happy family. After I awoke, I could not remember details, except that it was a dream about my happy family. Evidently, this theme occupied a large and important portion in my life, so much so that I dreamed about this theme for 3 nights in a row.

On September 9 2016, again I dreamed of my small family having a gathering. This is a recurring dream. It highlights the possibility that a happy family was a wish fulfillment that I desire but did not have in real life.

It’s rare to experience happy dreams on a recurring basis. On a stretch of Friday to Sunday, December 1 – 3, 2016, I experienced happy dreams. I didn’t remember the contents of my dream, but I woke up knowing that I had happy dreams.

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