Dreaming the dead asking for money and goods

Dreaming that the dead ask for money and other goods.

In the cartoons above, a woman dreams that her relative asked for money and a wish list.

In some cultures and religions, people believe that the deceased descend into another realm, which may be Heaven or Hell. The relations remember the dead and commemorate death anniversaries and other important days in the calendar. For example some Chinese people practice Taoism and ancestor worship. Chinese people may be living in different countries other than their original homeland. However, they carry their culture and religious beliefs wherever they reside. There are Chinese people living all over the world – in Southeast Asia, Asia, Europe, United States, Canada and etc. A Chinese Taoist may practice piety towards their deceased elders and ancestors.

In the lunar calendar, which is calculated based on the cycles of the moon, has a special month, which is the seventh month. This is the Month of the Hungry Ghost. The gates of Heaven or Hell are opened to permit the ghosts to visit earth. The living descendants welcome them by offering food, drink, and replicas of money and material goods. They believe that by burning the paper offerings, the goods will accompany their ancestors and be of some comfort for them in the Other World.

Many people from other religions and cultures also practice similar habits. They may place flowers, toys and other material goods at the resting place of the deceased. The living hope to show love, respect and comfort for the dead by these offerings.

Roman Catholics remember their dead on All Souls Day every November 2. On this day, they visit the places where their beloved relatives reside in eternity. They bring fresh flowers or plastic sprays  of bouquets to replace those old ones from previous visits. Of course, Catholics may visit the resting places of their relatives on any day of the year, but All Souls Day is the special day that has been dedicated especially for this purpose.

Native Americans have their own culture and practices for respecting their dead.

In the cartoons above, a woman dreams that her relative asked for money and a wish list.

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