Dreaming of hungry ghost

Dreaming of dead person and visiting the grave.

Dreaming of hungry ghost –
Some cultures and religions believe that the dead continue their existence, albeit in a different world. A dead person’s soul may continue to stick around, roaming the earth, like a homeless person, as it lacks a corporeal body. Some people said they had dreams of dead people, who made requests. These personal pleas included asking for material goods like a better grave, food, clothing and prayers to relief sufferings in the underworld.

One night, a woman had a dream about her long departed grandmother. The elderly lady requested offerings at her grave. How did such a dream occur? Was this dream a message from the deceased person? Do the dead exist in another dimension? Does the deceased need material comforts like food, drink, clothing and entertainment?

Meaning of dream:
This type of dreams could be triggered by nostalgia, survivor guilt or guilty conscience in failing to follow religious (or cultural) teachings.

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